QuickSwap, the “Uniswap for Polygon/Matic”, now supports the Venly Wallet and its vast community of users.

The next-gen layer 2 DEX on Polygon (previously Matic) has now integrated the Venly Wallet services. Venly Wallet users can easily login to the DEX and swap token on Polygon from their preferred wallet.

QuickSwap, where you can trade at lightning-fast speeds with near-zero gas fees, is the most popular DEX on polygon today. You can swap hundreds of tokens as well as provide liquidity for the DEX.

“Venly (previously Arkane Network) has been a premium wallet service provider for quite some time now. We always wanted to welcome Venly users to QuickSwap. This integration will be beneficial for the…

NFTmall — World first creator centric, multi-chain operational defi & e-commerce powered, physically redeemable NFT marketplace recently announced it’s going live on both BSC and Polygon on 29th of July 2021.

NFTmall recently partnered with Venly and integrated with the Web2 to Web3 (blockchain agnostic) digital wallet solution. Non-crypto savvy users also have the opportunity now to log in to the NFTmall Platform with their social credentials like Twitter, Facebook, Google, email address etc. and can Create, Buy or sell NFTs at most cost-efficient and effective manner

Short update for a big upgrade!

🧜🏽‍♂️ Binance Smart Chain on Venly Market:
The Venly Market has now enabled 3 blockchains: Polygon (Matic), Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BSC has been added as it is gaining traction in the NFT industry. We’re therefor very proud to have collaborated with the Binance team to make it possible for our users to trade NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.

💲 USDC as default currency on Venly Market:
Second upgrade is that we’ve enabled USDC as default currency on the Venly Market. Users can now trade NFTs in USDC and withdraw their USDC directly to their Ethereum wallet address…

Allowing artists and gamers to easily hold and trade assets on the Avalanche blockchain. This integration allows users to hold AVAX in Venly’s wallet, and to trade NTFs on Venly’s Market.

Venly, a leading provider of multi-blockchain wallet and NFT products, is now supporting Avalanche in both its wallet and NFT market products.

Venly NFT Market allows artists and game developers on Avalanche to feature their in-game collectibles and creative work in front of a fast growing network of users and sell their NFTs. Avalanche’s high performance and inexpensive transaction fees will accelerate Venly’s rapid growth. Users value applications that…

Token swaps are now possible within your Venly Wallet (previously Arkane Wallet) on 3 blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and now also on the Polygon chain. We decided to work with technology and liquidity partner 1inch for this.

Polygon swaps: how it works?
Go to your wallet: https://wallet.venly.io and select the Polygon/Matic chain and wallet. Go to the swap icon 🔄 and select the token you want to swap your MATIC for.

Fiat => Matic => other token
You can also purchase MATIC from within your Venly Wallet. Meaning that you’re able to purchase tokens like PYR, GHST, EMON, FISH, LINK, WOLF, QUICK on the polygon chain in just two clicks.

Only a few weeks after closing €1,550,000 during the seed round led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), Venly raises an additional €500,000 from Tioga Capital. Those additional funds will help Venly grow its client base and team of engineers.

Tioga Capital is founded in 2020 and is specialized in funding blockchain projects. Tioga is, as a first Belgian shareholder, joining the Flemish investment company PMV, who provided funding during the first round as a firm believer of Venly’s added value in blockchain technology.

“Blockchain technology has pioneered in use cases related to money / store-of-value (e.g. Bitcoin), after which it has…

TL;DR: Arkane Network is becoming Venly and positions itself as a blockchain tech provider with Wallet services, NFT marketplace (incl. APIs) and NFT tools. With the recent funding, Venly (previously Arkane Network) aims for further growth and is hiring various profiles to succeed in its mission to bring blockchain technology to the mainstream.

“Today is a big day for Arkane Network. We are proud and excited to announce that we are rebranding to Venly and strengthening our positioning as blockchain tech provider. We’ll need more than this to achieve our mission, that’s why we recently raised +€2M to continue building…

With the release of the newest version of the Unity plugin, Arkane offers game developers a complete solution to integrate blockchain in games and use the blockchain as an inventory management system to safely store the gamer’s precious assets. Arkane Network abstracts traditionally complex Blockchain signup flows, allowing gamers without prerequisite blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge to play Matic powered games while still enjoying all the benefits of blockchain, like play-to-earn. Making it game developers easy with the Unity blockchain gaming SDK

Unity is the most popular game development engine used by game studios. With the release of the Arkane blockchain…

With WiV and Arkane you can now trade wine on the blockchain. WiV Technology brings fine wine trading to Arkane Network’s 200,000 users. It’s a great use case bringing the physical world to blockchain for more transparant wine trading and purchases.

WiV Technology, a blockchain-based trading platform for unique assets, has added the Arkane Network to the growing list of marketplaces where people can access tokenised fine wine. …

After our successful beta release of the Arkane Market on the Polygon chain, we took the time to work on additional features as well as an updated design of the Market. An update dedicated to improve the UX, and some new functions like stackable NFT cards! 🙌🏼

The list of updates

Here’s a list of what has changed in this new release:

📼 Support for rich media NFTs: audio and video files are now supported along with the already supported image and GIFs.

👨🏼‍🎨 Complete design update of the Market, with detailed cards displaying the NFTs.

🃏 Stackable cards: for the same NFTs at…

Yan Ketelers

CMO at Arkane Network.

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